Gap Mentorship Institute

The GAP Mentorship Institute is designed to bridge the gaps between graduation and working as a qualified interpreter. As well as for working interpreters to drive emergent skills to mastery.

Track tuition includes one-on-one skill development meetings with mentors, classes with veteran interpreters who have diverse educational and professional backgrounds, and opportunities for fieldwork and teaming under mentor supervision.


  • Prerequisites: Advanced ASL signing skills, English fluency. State interpreting licensure or working interpreter OR ITP Student/Graduate
  • GoReact subscription Obtain your own GoReact membership under their Educational option. Be prepared to pay $31.99 for access to ASL OWL's class materials. Access to this is available for 6 months.

8-Week Cycle Tuition

$500 without CEU's

$500 + $15 per 1.6 CEU

Tuition Includes:


  • Assessment Screenings
  • 8 Group Classes
  • Individual Skills Development Planning (SDP)
  • Asynchronous assignments on GoReact
  • Feedback from Deaf and Hearing Mentors
  • Observations, shadowing and teaming opportunities
  • Option to earn RID CEUs
  • Potential for internship hours (must discuss with director)
  • Student Rate for ASL OWL workshops