Our Story

Our story starts in 2001, when as an aspiring interpreter, Jacquelyn Moore (Co-founder and visionary) enrolled in her first ASL class. It was here that she was introduced to a whole new world. A world where individuals are still faced with discrimination on a daily basis. A world where citizens of America are barred from vital access to communication for their daily needs. -- forced to constantly fight for access to fundamental human rights. As she continued her education and sought skill development opportunities that would ready her for the career she felt called to, she soon recognized the lack of resources her community had to offer.

Upon graduation of her interpreting program, she began interpreting in the community. She was appalled at the lack of qualified, skilled interpreters and immediately recognized the impact this was having upon her local Deaf community in preventing consumers of sign language interpreting services equal access to communication.  As a unique minority lumped in with all other minorities their language needs were being completely overlooked. A need for Advocacy was identified -- Advocacy for the Deaf and Advocacy for the Interpreters that serve them.  With a shared vision of dual Advocacy for both Deaf and interpreters alike, a hunger for equality (no more oppression and discrimination of the Deaf nor continued violation ADA and their fundamentals rights) and a challenge to promote true access within the Deaf Community; Jacquelyn Moore, Sarah Baker and Wendy Houser took that vision and made it a reality. ASL ACE was born and as a result ASL OWL and the GAP Mentorship Institute for Interpreters.  

ASL ACE seeks to extend this much needed advocacy through partnering and working along side other like minded entities, making the world a better place for all who live in it; whether they be a majority or a minority.